Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Web 2.0 Tools for Research Support and Networking in Africa

The Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation, in collaboration with the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, held a course on "Web 2.0 Tools for Research Support and Networking in Africa" from 7th to 11th April 2009. Participants at the workshop came from Cameroon, Gambia, Ghana and Nigeria.

The general objective of the course is to equip scientists in universities and agricultural research institutions with the requisite tools to conduct collaborative content development in a variety of scenarios. The aim is to improve educational content creation, research efficiency and the effective flow of agricultural information and among researchers within and between academic and research institutions.

The five day course covered the following:

  • Introduction to Web 2.0
  • Web 2.0 for Social Networking - Facebook
  • Web 2.0 for Sharing Multimedia (Photos)- Picasa
  • Web 2.0 for Sharing & Collaboration on Documents– Google Docs
  • Web 2.0 for Content Generation & Sharing – Blogs
  • Principles, Practices of Open Access Education/Research Resources
  • Web 2.0 for Content Generation and Collaboration – WikiEducator
  • Web 2.0 and Copyright
At the end of the course, participants acquired hands-on experience on how to use Picasa, Facebook, Google Docs, Blogger, and WikiEducator.


  1. No doubt, this is a very good course. the participants should be able to use it to improve their work and life generally. Also, kudos to CTA for organizing such a programme.

  2. The content of the Workshop is very good for our various assignments. I hope constant power supply and cheap Internet connectivity will enhance our efforts to improve ourselves in the use of the tools and also pass on the knowledge to librarians, lecturers, researchers and all who need information for the development of Africa.

  3. The whole program was a great one. good course content, good food, good facilitators and everything was too good. I trust the paticipants will be Ambasadors to their various institutions.Am about to organise a seminar for my colleagues on this web 2.0 tools